Seussical the Musical 2019 Spring Show 

Director:  Ashley Albertson, Musical Director:  Timothy Albertson

Auditions:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday February 18, 19, 20

Performances:  May 2-5, May 9-12, 16-19 (13 performances)

Audition Information:
Actors may come February 18 or February 19 at 7:00 PM. Please prepare about 1 minute of a musical theatre song. An accompanist will be provided. The auditions will start off with a short dance call, so please wear clothing that you are able to move in. If auditioners have any stunts or special skills they may demonstrate those as well. Headshots and resumes will be accepted, but are not required.
Select performers will be invited to callbacks on Wednesday, February 20th at 7:00.

Casting Breakdown:
We have two roles specifically for children. 1 child age 5-6 (Young Kangaroo), and 1 child age 10-15 (Jojo). We have 12 adult roles (high school and older), plus an ensemble with numerous featured roles.
We will also be casting around 5-6 dancers for our dance ensemble.

Available Roles
(Genders and ages are guidelines, as written in the script)

CAT IN THE HAT: Male or Female. The “essence of mischief” narrator of the show. He is constantly stirring things up and causing trouble, but he always sets things right again. Must be very comfortable improvising with the audience. F2-F4 (male range), G3-C5 (female range).

JOJO: Male or Female, age 10-15. A smart child with a wild imagination. With the Cat in the Hat, he creates the world of the show. Ab3-C5.

HORTON THE ELEPHANT: Male. Gentle and compassionate, Horton is loving and protective over all of the creatures in the jungle. Horton’s view of the world never changes- he believes in goodness. A2-F4.

GERTRUDE MCFUZZ: Female. Horton’s shy, quirky next door neighbor. She starts the show very self-conscious of her imperfections, but grows to find the strength in herself. F3-Eb5

MAYZIE LA BIRD: Female. The most beautiful bird in the jungle, she is oblivious to her self-centered ways. G3-Eb5.

SOUR KANGAROO: Female. The leader of the jungle. She’s loud, brassy, and set in her own ways. F#3-F5.

YOUNG KANGAROO: Male or Female, age 5-6. The sour kangaroo’s child and mini –me. Needs to be able to memorize a few short lines, spoken and sung.

BIRD GIRLS: Female. Beautiful, self-centered members of Mayzie’s squad. They sing back up and harmonies throughout the show. Must have strong harmonizing skills. Three part harmony, Alto/Mezzo/Sop.

WICKERSHAM BROTHERS: Male or Female. The pranksters of the jungle who love to have fun and get into mischief. Must be good movers and harmonizers. Three part harmony, Bass/Baritone/Tenor.

GENERAL GENGUS KHAN SCHMITZ: Male or Female. Enthusiastic leader of the “Who military academy”. He fervently believes that his way is the only way. Needs a good comedic timing. B2-E4.

MR. & MRS. MAYOR: The mayor of Who and his wife. They are busy parents trying their best to govern a doomed world and deal with their overly imaginative child. D3-E4 (Mr. Mayor), A3-A4 (Mrs. Mayor).

ENSEMBLE: WHO’S, HUNCHES, FISH, ETC.: Ensemble members will fill out the world of Seuss and bring it to life! Must be comfortable playing multiple characters, singing, and dancing.

For any questions or concerns please contact director Ashley Albertson at