Meet the Cast: 



2020 Spring Show
"Hood: The Musical"
Performances: April 30th  - May 17th



"Hood: The Musical" is a classic retelling of the Robin Hood of Locksley​ who leads the outlaws and maidens of Sherwood Forest in taking back their freedom and saving Maid Marian from the Sheriff of Nottingham and his evil henchmen, Sir Guy of Gisborne as they terrorize the kingdom while King Richard the Lion-Heart of England is off on a Crusade in the Holy Land.  Between the sword fights, the merry dancing, the comedy, and the phenomenal classic "80's rock" music Robin prevails as King Richard returns to restore order to his kingdom from the tyrannical yet amusing Sheriff of Nottingham! 




Robin Hood: Josh Douglas

Maid Marian: Amy Wilson

Sheriff of Nottingham: Schad Russell

Sir Guy of Gisborne: Ben Vahl

Little John: Cliff Thies

Mary: Julie Wyatt

Will Scarlet: Kyle Christensen

Beth: Aimee Cantrelle

Patrick Flanagan: Trent Veltcamp

Anne: Jen Rienstra

Giant Jim: Jayde Laux

Meg: Laura Williams-French

Leticia: Sue Dotson

Friar Tuck: John Sage

King Richard: Jeff Boersma

Fahrenheit #1: Emma Jardinski

Fahrenheit #2: Kira Iaconetti

Fahrenheit #2: Anneliese Floyd

Ralph: Owen Millsap

Renshaw: Tessa Bass

Tripp: Reuben Einfeld

Arley: Mattias Young

Halsey: Annalynne Dickson

Kinsey: Colton Burt

Dayton: Elise Ball

Blythe: Mercedes Young

Cady: Olivia Cantrelle

Thank you to our panel: Lisa, Darlene, Amanda & EmmaRae!

You all did great! - Kristi