It’s a Wonderful Life Cast list

George Bailey-Luke Haas      /     Clarence-Ron Falcone

Harry Bailey-Riley Myers      /      Mary Bailey-Emma Jardinsky

Mr. Potter- Jeremy Saldivar  /      Uncle Billy-Jackson Holt

Violet-Victoria Snyder           /      Mr. Martini-Will Crow

Mrs. Martini-Lauren Reeves   /   Sam Wainright-Cody Wallace

Bert-Owen Milsap                   /      Ernie-Nehemiah Jones

Pete Bailey- Simeon Leavitt   /   Janie Bailey-Annaliese Boersma

Tommy Bailey- Giovanni Vidaurri   /   Zuzu Bailey- Gwendolyn Haas

Mayor, woman #2, Building and loan customer-Sue Dodson

Cousin Tilly- Julie Wyatt    /    Mother Bailey-Karen Hookema

Widow Gower (the pharmacist)-Carole May

Woman #1, Building and loan customer-Jenni Rudder   

Ruth, woman #4, Building and loan customer-Alyssa Boersma

Mrs. Hatch, woman #3, Building and loan custpmer-Heather Phillips

Marty, Potters goon-Dennan Dick

First rehearsal meet and greet and read through is Monday 10-1 6:30pm.  Music rehearsals for soloist and small groups will be Tuesday and Wednesday, songs to be announced by Celeste. 

Thanks to all who participated in Auditions. So many very talented people.

Lynden's Community Play House