Calling all directors 


The Claire vg Thomas Theatre is looking for directors and plays for the 2019-2020 season.   

CLICK HERE to down load a director’s submission form. (Submit proposals online or in person to the Artistic Coordinators,  Ruth Posthuma or Celeste Larson) We typically do 2 or 3 musicals and 1 or 2 plays during our Fall-Holiday-Winter and Spring season. Submissions are due by January 2, 2019, at the latest. Any questions email Ruth Posthuma ( or Celeste Larson ( Don’t hesitate submitting more than one play/musical -- this gives us more options in creating a new season. 

Please pass this information on to prospective directors.


For Those interested in auditioning for Our Town.

The play calls for 24 actors (with opportunity for doubling).

6-7 roles for men (40-50)          2-5 roles for men (20-30)

3-4 roles for women (40-50)     1-2 roles for women (20-30)

2 roles for boys (10-13)            1 role for girls (10-13)

Stage Manager Auditions: 7:00 PM Monday, Nov 19th (at The Claire)

All other cast Auditions: 7:00 PM Monday Dec. 3rd, Callbacks: 7:00 PM Tuesday, Dec 4th (at The Claire)


Please be aware that Our Town calls for actors of all ages: children, high school age, mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers. There is also a great opportunity for a widely diverse cast. 


Mentioned below are excerpts of scenes that will be read at the auditions.


For the role of the Stage Manager: (Nov 19th)

Act 1 starting with their line "The sky is beginning  to show some streaks of light" to "this is the back door."

Act 2 starting with their line "There are a lot of things to be said about a wedding" to "twain't very long, anyway."



Act 1 starting with George's line, "Hsst! Emily" to Emily's line "Goodnight, George." 

Act 2 starting with George's line "Emily, why are you mad at me? to Emily's line, "Well, thank you...I would."



George/Doc Gibbs:

Act 1 starting with Dr. Gibbs' line "George, can you come down a minute?" to George's line, "yes, Pa."


The Gibbs:

Act 2 starting with Dr. Gibbs' line, "I was remembering my wedding day, Julia." to Mrs. Gibbs' line, "Come and get your breakfast."


Mrs. Gibbs/Mrs. Webb:

Act 1 starting with Mrs. Gibbs line, "Now Myrtle, I've got to tell you something" to Mrs. Gibbs' line "You ought to see a country where they don't talk in English..."


Rebecca and Joe Crowell:

Act 1 starting with Rebecca's line, "I never told you about that letter Jane Crofut got from her minister" to George's line, "What do you know!"

Act 1 starting with Joe Crowell's line, "Morning, Doc Gibbs" to Joe Crowell's line, "No, sir."

Lynden's Community Play House